30 September 2012

Halloween Round-up

Here is a round up of all my previous Halloween and Autumn posts in one place for you all.
 I've shared some fun projects to do with and for kiddos.

Fun Halloween and Fall Decor:

Isn't she cute?

My kids are so excited to get this guy out!

I love this pillow...and it's good for a few months of display.  :)

Costume ideas:

Harry Potter and Friends:

Fairy Wands:

One of my first tutorials...some day I need to edit and update this!

Trick or Treat Bags:

I hope that gives you some fun ideas as we begin a new month and enjoy the fall season.

3 happy thoughts:

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, that bonnet is just perfect! My mum used to draw pictures of ladies pushing their prams wearing old-fashioned bonnets like this - I always wanted one of my own!!


freckled laundry said...

I remember all of these...I especially loved your Harry Potter costumes! I can't believe it's Halloween time ALREADY. Guess I need to start thinking of creative costume ideas & Halloween bags...eek. xoxo

Michele Pacey said...

Ooo that paper plate skeleton is SO cool! I'd never seen that one before. I can see why the kids were excited to get it out!

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