05 October 2012

Ayashe Blouse for Dolly

I finally sewed. It's literally been over a month since I was able to take my sewing machine out.

My mama has arranged for a big family picture tomorrow (you know, coordinating colors etc)...and I just finished this blouse for Dolly literally minutes ago.  Life's been super busy lately.
I found the fabric at our local fabric store for under $5 a yard.  Hooray!

Who knows when it was produced, but it's nice quilting weight fabric.

Dolly was eager to work with me...which I always appreciate.

After seeing so many great reviews (here, here, and here) about Figgy's patterns, I bought the PDF version of the Ayashe blouse.  (I wish it had included the entire skirt pattern too...it just had the waistband.)  It may be that it's been a while since I sewed, but I struggled putting this together.

It started with accidentally sewing together the wrong sides of the front blouse together.  It got worse from there.  I made one collar, and it was about an inch shorter than the blouse neck opening.  Grrr.  So I made another one, thinking maybe the interfacing had shrunk the fabric somehow.

Second one didn't fit either.  So, I made third collar one size larger, and it fit.

I really didn't want to take an extra hour on this blouse, but I am happy with how it turned out.  I used a pink contrasting thread for all the topstitching.  I also used Vanessa of LBG Studio's idea and sewed elastic thread into the sleeves rather than a casing.

One top done, a dress and a scarf to go.

Life will continue to be a little nutty as we settle into a new routine.  (I've started a wonderful part-time job.)   How are things going for you?  Ready for the weekend?

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8 happy thoughts:

Melissa said...

It turned out great - but I know you didn't need the extra aggravation in your life right now.

I am not sure I am reading between the lines the right way or know - so you like the job or no?

chris said...

@MelissaThe new job is really a great blessing...there's just a bit of a learning curve as I begin. :)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Absolutely adorable! The fabric is perfect and your model is precious. It must have felt like talking to an old friend when the machine came out....

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

That photo of the two ironing boards together is unbelievably cute! Aaaaah!
She is a little princess! - and especially in that pretty new blouse!


Unknown said...

The shirt turned out adorable. I especially appreciate that you wrote about your challenges....sometimes I think I am the only person who sews and had the same experience you did! Comfort in numbers, yes?

Tiffany said...

Always like to see the variations of this pattern, but I really like Dolly's knee patches. Love those.

Unknown said...

She is SO beautiful in her new blouse! Lovely work on it Chris.

Unknown said...

How sweet is the photo of Dolly ironing. Melts my heart seeing her tiny board next to yours. I'm a softie for that sort of thing. Your blouse turned out great...sorry for the hiccups though! That's no fun, especially if you had more sewing in the hopper for photos the next day. Happy you finally got to sew though! Hope the new job is going well! xo Jami

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