20 October 2011

Trick or Treat Bags + mini tutorial

Remember this post? I shared a couple of fun applique designs for making a Trick or Treat Bag based on my Easter Basket tutorial. I decided I should make a couple for my girls.

Way back when I only had two children, I made a couple Halloween treat bags for my little ones.  I used fabric my mom gave me, and just threw them together.  Fast forward 6 years, and my bag making has evolved, as well as my applique skills.

Those first bags have had a lot of use...and since the younger kids came along, there was a bit of fighting over who got to use the bags.  That problem should now be resolved.

You can see where I got the idea for the candy corn applique.  :)

To make the kitty bags, I followed my Easter Basket tutorial pretty faithfully, with just a few alterations.  I made the bags an inch longer.  Another change from the tutorial, I completed the applique prior to assembling the bag.  With the more complicated design, it made things easier.  Because I did so, I was sure to apply some interfacing to the back of the applique before I started satin stitching.

I was given a ruffler attachment for my sewing machine last summer by Stephanie.  It made making those little ruffles so quick and easy!

The bags are lined with a black zigzag design.  Although this isn't "Halloween" fabric, using orange and black fabric in my stash worked just fine.

I used green buttons for the kitty's eyes, and used a double needle for the topstitching on the handles.

I've had readers ask me why I use heat n bond lite in applique, and wanted to show the difference using an adhesive for applique makes in the final product.

I didn't use any heat n bond lite OR interfacing when I appliqued the candy corn.  The fabric is a bit wonky, and it stretched a bit as I satin stitched.  The kitty applique is very flat and has extra weight to hold everything in place.

If you are curious and want to make a bag similar to the larger bags, here are some simple steps:

1.  Cut a large rectangle of fabric 25" by 16.5".  Cut a 17" by 3" rectangle for the handle.
2.  Identify where you want the candy corn, and applique it in place (USE heat n bond LITE!).  For this larger bag, you'll want to increase the size of the design I shared by 125%.
3.  Sew the large rectangle together along the 25" side.  I used french seams to make it strong and finish the seams.
4.  Sew the short seam together, and then box the corners to create a bottom for the bag.  (You can see a great tutorial on how to box a bag from Sew 4 Home HERE.)

5.  Hem the top of the bag by folding down 1/4", and then folding again 1/2".  Topstitch down.

6.  Sew the handle together, right sides together, with 1/4" seam.  Turn right side out, tucking the unfinished edges inside the tube, and then press and topstitch.   Sew to the sides of the bag, making an X to give some strength to the handles.

I hope that gives you some fun ideas for making Trick or Treat Bags for your family.  I may not be a big fan of Halloween, but my children are.  Making a fun bag for trick or treating helps me support my kids, while not making things too scary. :)

Are you doing anything handmade for the coming holiday?

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6 happy thoughts:

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Chris, these are fantastic! I love the cats. They are so cute! The ruffle around the bottom is such a nice addition... perfect touch. Really great project :) And I love that you used non-Halloween fabric... they're perfect!

Melissa said...

Adore the cats - the fabric is perfect for them.

Jenna said...

Super, super cute! What kiddo wouldn't love toting one of those adorable bags {and love filling it up with loot!}?

Emily said...

These are such darling bags!! No wonder there was some fighting over them. :)

freckled laundry said...

I'm going to have to hit my fabric stash to see if I can make a few for Monday. As for the ruffler foot, I really need to make a move and get one!


freckled laundry said...

And, yours are absolutely adorable (which should be obvious if I want to make them)!...but just in case.

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