13 August 2009

August-September Goals

Here are my goals for the next two months:

*Get an A in my pediatrics class I did it!!!
*Make Daughter #1's Halloween costume...she wants to be the American Girl Kirsten. Skirt completed 8/25/09 See post HERE
*Make one more blouses for Daughter #1 Didn't get to it...chickened out, not sure I liked the pattern I drew up.
*Make another top for Baby I'm still in the designing stage. Not a critical item, as the hand-me-down fairies appeared.
*Restyle bathroom with applique dots...more to come on that. Done 8/31/09 See post HERE
*Design a new diaper cover that Baby can't remove on her own. I love the Bummis whisper wrap...but I need something that pulls on that she can't take off. Didn't have to design...found one that works. DONE!
*Make the doodle purses and pajamas. In progress. Girls jammies are cut out. The doodle purses are half way done. Last night (9/30/09) I had the joy of making my own bias tape with the new iron and Clover bias tape maker. Wow was that a therapeutic thing to do...and fun too!

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