14 August 2009

Paper Airplane Contest Tutorial

Looking for a "last of the summer" fun activity? Try making paper airplanes and having a contest on who can get it to fly the furthest. My children and I made airplanes yesterday using an Origami pattern and paper. We always use a paper staple to keep them together through a lot of use. I found the pattern in an old book I got when I was in second grade. We probably did at least 10 different rounds. Each time we had a different winner.

To make these airplanes, you use a rectangle shaped paper. (Typically you have to cut off a quarter of a square shaped Origami paper.) Fold in half. Fold the top corners into the center line.

Now fold that triangle down about 2/3 of the way.

Now fold the corners in again, as indicated.

Here's the trick that really gives this plane "flyability" (to coin a phrase). Fold the little bit of the first point over the new points for stability.

Now fold the plane in half so that the colored parts are together.

All you have left to do now, is fold your wings in on each side along the dotted line.

Congratulations, you've made an awesome paper airplane that flies well. Enjoy some fun times with your kiddos.

Tip: If you need to staple the plane, I usually do so towards the middle where that little triangle is folded over. Have fun!

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Connie said...

What great fun - hmmm - would I dare do this with 22 first graders? Thanks for the tutorial!

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