21 August 2009

New Diaper Cover

I wanted to share with you all the new diaper covers I made today. We've been visiting my parents this week, and now that we're back home, I HAD to address the diaper cover issue. Baby is getting really good with her hands, and she can get her diaper cover off in no time. So, I found this great free pattern HERE.

This is how they turned out...just made out of your usual WalMart polyester fleece. Cute huh? Best part, no velcro fastener, and she can't easily remove them!

UPDATE: Here is the cover on Baby. I love how trim they fit! The only caution I would add, is double stitch the side seams. I've had a few pop open. That may be due to my thread...I'm not sure.

1 happy thoughts:

Hannah Stevenson said...

Thanks so much Chris! I love your site and I needed these today. I walked in to get the twins out of their cribs and BOTH had taken their diapers off! One had a nice piece of poop sitting right next to her AAAAHHHH!!! Needless to say I am looking for solutions!

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