18 April 2011

Portfolio Sew-Along Begins in 7 days!

Hi there everyone!

Are you up for a little "selfish" sewing? Gwen and I are making preparations for the Portfolio Dress/Tunic Sew-Along. Starting next Monday (April 25, 2011), We will show you how we put together our dresses, and any tips or tricks we learn along the way.

So, grab your pattern, your fabric, and get ready for some sewing fun.  If you want to do some prep work, read through the pattern a few times.  You may even want to read through an old post of mine, Tips for Using Purchased Patterns.  Be sure to look through the comments....lots of great info there!

I used freezer paper and a little tissue paper to make my pattern copies.

Also, would you grab a button? We'd love for as many to join as possible. We'll include a flickr pool and try to make this as interactive as possible. Don't worry...we're all in this together!

I'm really excited to make my dress/tunic! (Haven't decided on length, yet.)
Thank you Gwen, for co-hosting.

Guess what? The Lisette Blog has posted about our sew-along HERE! SQUEAK!

UPDATE!  You can find all the sew-along posts archived HERE.

10 happy thoughts:

Unknown said...

Sadly, I won't be sewing. :( BUT I will be watching for tips and tricks from both yourself and Gwen! :)

aj said...

I'm in - well sort of! I managed to get copies of the three other lisette patterns (passport was sold out!), so I'm going to make the traveler dress as my sew along. As its my first dress (first none rectangular garment in fact) I'm sure I'll pick up lots of helpful hints from the rest of you despite it being a slightly different pattern.....very excited about this!
Thanks for hosting. x

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is going to be fun. Can't wait!

Tasha said...

How fun!! What a fun idea. I am going to think about being in :)

Elise said...

Perfect timing I just started to lay out the pattern pieces to cut out this morning, sadly work got in the way so I was not able to cut out. Maybe tonight.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

This will be fun, great little button too!

Ana @ Don't Fear the Ripper said...

Looking forward to it!!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Chris,

I'm really looking forward to see how you and Gwen tackle the project. I couldn't get the pattern here so I won't be doing it (sulk alert!!)...would you still like me to put your button on my sidebar? I'm more than happy to but thought I'd ask first, since I'm not participating!


Unknown said...

HI! I love sew-alongs and this dress is right up my alley! Went to Joanns today... patterns on sale and fabric is 50% percent off until tomorrow. Yeah! Can't wait to see what others create.

R said...

Wheee! My first sew-along! I just scored the patterns and fabric today at JoAnn. Patterns only $1.99. *steal*

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