16 August 2013

Summer is waning...


I hope that you've enjoyed your summer holidays like we have.  It's not that we've had extravagant plans, we just did the regular kind of stuff.

24 April 2013

A favorite handmade gift for baby

My mom and grandma refer to babies as "little bits".  I love making these bibs as gifts for new babies and their mamas.  It's my Buster Bib pattern in the small size. (Sorry, I'm not currently selling anything right now.)

13 March 2013

hello...anyone there?

Hello.  My name is Chris and I used to blog a lot, but then life got really crazy...and it's been a few weeks.

This post is mostly for those who noticed my absence and checked up on me (thank you!).

19 February 2013

Purse for me + zippy pouch

Did I mention I made a new purse?

When Anna introduced her Sidekick tote pattern, I knew I'd want to try it.  When I found out last November that I'd need to carry extra stuff with me, it was time.

08 February 2013

Sweetheart Placemats Tutorial + Real Napkins

 Here's my latest "late, but at least I finished it", gift.

We had several weddings that we were invited to over Christmas...{I told you I was late}...and I finally got their gifts made and in the mail.  I thought a romantic evening at home would be more fun with pretty placemats and napkins, and this is the result.  Feel like making some too?

29 January 2013

Mom's Go Anywhere Bag

Sorry for the unintended absence.  Work related travel + diabetes = life totally out of kilter for at least two weeks.

Getting back to my homemade Christmas gift parade, I am so excited to show you my mom's tote bag.
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