01 February 2011


This sweetheart of a preschooler is five now.

He gets a lot of mention in this space, partly because I revel in having him home with me most of the time. (Don't get me wrong, he has his moments!)  He is funny, loving, creative, athletic, and imaginative.

He is our first miracle baby.  After a time of infertility, we were so grateful to have a healthy baby in our home.  He was the sweetest baby.  I took him with me to a business conference in Las Vegas.  Many attendees had no idea there was a little baby in the audience.  As a toddler, he was so quiet, it was easy for him to get into trouble, like climbing onto the kitchen counter to help himself to brownies.  He is the one who comforted me when my grandpa died, who will spontaneously come up and give me a hug or rub my back.  

He is also our athlete.  He lives and breathes football and baseball.  He'd rather play than watch anytime.  All he wanted for Christmas 2009 was a football helmet and "big shoulders" (shoulder pads).  To balance out all this ruggedness is a tender heart that is quite shy in public.  He's struggled with our move and feeling comfortable in a new place, new congregation at church, and new preschool.  He prefers to have a friend come play at our house than go to friend's house. 

Happy Birthday, little one.  We love you so much.

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Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

What a cutie:)

Tasha said...

What a sweet cute boy!

kasthurirajam said...


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