12 April 2010

Limitless imagination is a good thing.

I just had to put this photo in twice.  It's my favorite.
My little boy loves robots, as you now know. He is also REALLY into Iron Man, Transformers, and anything else that requires a metal exoskeleton. He's tried to pretend he's in an Iron Man suit by wrapping himself in blankets with socks on his hands. The other day, he decided to outfit Woody in another version of an Iron Man suit.

First, Woody was dressed in one of little boy's shirts and then his winter parka.

Helmet 1.0 was just folding the hood over...but then Woody couldn't see anything.

Then, inspiration struck!

The block sorter would be perfect.
Helmet 2.0, Hi Woody.  (Said in a distant voice like in Toy Story 2.)

Now, he's ready to fight his way out of some cave in Afghanistan...or is it just a maze of toys in the family room?

Love the feet hanging out the bottom?  Little boy explained that he had to be able to walk out of the cave.

Yes, we've let him see Iron Man.  No, he doesn't watch the whole movie.  Yes, he also has an Iron Man action figure who has lost a hand through his many adventures and battles.

I will consider myself a lucky mom if I can keep nurturing these amazing seeds of creativity.  In the meantime, they are also very entertaining. 

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