30 November 2011

Love Where You Live Ornament Tutorial

I'm so excited to share this ornament tutorial as part of Gwen's Haul Out The Holly party.

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Each year we give our children Christmas ornaments, just as my parents did for me.  Because of this tradition, after we were married, Mr. Pickup and I had a box of ornaments to decorate our tree with. I wanted to give our children the same gift.  I don't always make the ornaments, but I try to if possible.

With all the moving we did this year, and some darling state related ideas I'd seen by KoJo Designs (via Little Miss Momma) and in this Sew Mama Sew post, I wanted to do something to commemorate the two places we lived in Idaho this year.
This ornament is actually super simple to do, and requires minimal sewing skills.  Ready to make some?  First, you'll need to download the dingmaps font.  Play around and figure out which combination of shift and letter/number will show your state or country.  Idaho was {shift s} for example.

You'll need:
  • Small embroidery hoop (mine are about 3" in diameter)
  • Scrap of pretty fabric for the state
  • White or ivory fabric for background, plan on double the size of your hoop.
  • Embroidery floss in one or two coordinating colors
  • Interfacing, same size as background fabric
  • Ribbon for decorative edge (1/4") and hanging the ornament (1/8")
  • Heat n bond lite
  • Hot glue and tacky glue
  • White cardstock
  • Scissors, embroidery needle, pencil, computer & printer, and your iron and ironing board
Step one.  Using your computer & printer, print a large scale version of your state.  To do so, open up your word processor software, and type in the state you want and the size.  In my word processor, I had to manually input what size was needed to fit inside the embroidery hoop.   In my example, you can see the difference in 100 point and 150 point.

Print out a few, and see what size looks best for the embroidery hoop you've selected.  Carefully cut out the state shape with scissors.

Step two.  Create your state applique.  Trace the shape of your state backwards onto the heat n bond lite.  This will make sure that your state faces the right way on the fabric.

Apply the heat n bond to your fabric scrap with your iron, following package directions.

With your scissors, carefully cut out the state shape.

Step three.  Apply your state to the background fabric.  Before you do this, you'll want to apply the interfacing to the wrong side of your background fabric.  This gives the fabric a little more heft and makes the later step of embroidery easier.

Now centering the state where you want it, press the state shape into place with your iron.

Step four.  Using 2-3 strands of floss, embroider a straight running stitch around the state shape.

Make a small knot in the back to secure your floss.  Next, if you want, make a little heart for your favorite spot in your state.  In my case, I made two little hearts for the two places we lived.  To make the heart, you use a daisy chain stitch, just do two petals.  I'll refer you to this great tutorial on Stitch School if you need more info.

Step five.  Frame your state.  Separate the embroidery hoop  by loosening the top screw, and center the outer hoop on your design.  Take the inner hoop and press it into the fabric from the back.

Carefully pull the fabric through the hoop and then tighten the screw.

Trim the excess fabric with your scissors.  I left about 1/2" showing.

Using a hot glue gun, tack down the fabric to the inner hoop.

To cover the back, trace the hoop onto some cardstock and carefully cut the circle out.

Make sure the paper won't stick out and show from the front.  Glue the circle into place with tacky glue.

Place something heavy on top of the hoops until the glue is set.

Step six.  Final embellishment.  If desired, glue some 1/4" wide ribbon along the perimeter of the hoop.  I tucked the edges under the metal at the top of the hoop.

Finally cut some thin grosgrain ribbon for a hanger.  I used about 20" so that I could also tie a bow.  To do so, first tie the ribbon into a knot, about 2 inches from the screw.

Then, tie the bow.  Now it's ready to be hung on the tree or wrapped up to be opened later.

Arent' they cute?  I hope this might help someone trying to think of a fun personalized Christmas ornament this year.

In case you're wondering, here are the ornaments that I made in previous years:

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2009

Do you make ornaments?

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Melissa said...

"Each year we give our children Christmas ornaments, just as my parents did for me. Because of this tradition, after we were married, Mr. Pickup and I had a box of ornaments to decorate our tree with. I wanted to give our children the same gift. "

Great Mom's think alike - my Mom did the same thing for me and I am now doing it for the girls. :)

Annette W. said...

We have made a few ornaments, but we also buy them. We live in PA like the grandparents, but hours apart...maybe we could do this someday.

I shared two ornaments today in our Christmas craft revisit,if you are interested. http://livelearnlove226.blogspot.com/2011/11/christmas-craft-ideas.html

Tasha said...

Love love LOVE this idea Chris. I love that it has so much meaning to your year too. What a perfect ornament.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Fantastic, Chris. I really am planning to make this for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who got married in September. Thanks for the dingmaps font tip... awesome! And thank you so much for joining Haul Out the Holly this year :)

Rebecca said...

I do make ornaments! Each year the kids help make them to gift to the grandparents. This year I'm making ornaments to replace the ones I finally got rid of.

I love this idea for the states. I've pinned the idea and will be making a few for the states we have lived in.

Unknown said...

What a great idea this lovely ornament of yours. I really like your tradition of giving your children an ornament every year. We make ornaments every Christmas and have done so for as long as I can remember. I've never thought of actually making them part of their gifts. Great idea Chris!

celeste said...

these are so fun, chris! (the dingmap font is a great find. thanks for sharing it.)

p.s. i just started the ornament tradition with my kids last year; wish i'd done it sooner!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Chris, I love, love this ornament idea. It is especially meaningful this year, with all of your changes. Excellent tutorial, the hoop looks so finished, especially with the addition of the orange ribbon.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Oh I just saw Gwen's comment, this would make a lovely handmade wedding gift for a couple's first Christmas. Great idea!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

My mom did this with me too, actually still does! ;) And I have continued the tradition with my own kids. Love, love this idea of places you've lived.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I love this idea Chris. It would be a fun way to decorate to celebrate an anniversary as well- especially for someone who has moved a lot.
Cute fabrics too. :)

Erin said...

very cute. and meaningful. i love it!

Katie @ Creatively Living said...

I would LOVE to feature this and your blog on my blog! I have so many military friends and this is the PERFECT DIY ornament for them!

Creatively Living Outside the Box

Julianna said...

I would love for you to stop by and link up your ornaments to my 25 Days of Christmas Ornaments linky party.

Phyldar said...

This is such an awesome idea - can't wait to make some for family members scattered throughout the states! Thanks so much for sharing *Ü*

Stephanie said...

Love thIs idea Chris! I don't make any ornaments, wish I did because yours are so cute!

Tiffany said...

This is a heartwarming tradition, an excellent way to celebrate the season.

Jenilyn said...

I LOVE these! They are featured at Grits and Giggles. Come grab a featured button!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

this is adorable, Chris! Love it!

senovia said...

I LOVE this! I think it's especially neat for military families, and other families that move around a lot! Thanks for sharing!

Snickerdoodle Stew said...

Like I needed another project! Don't you know it's December 17th?!?!

Seriously...I love this! Definitely using it at some point in time!!!

Skooks said...

These are great! I have been doing this for my kids for years (like my mom did before me). Gathering ideas for this year's ornaments (I'll be adding this to the list)! Here are the ones I've done in the past: http://www.skooksplayground.com/2012/12/the-ornament-legacy-2012-edition.html

Suzanne said...

I thought this was a great idea! Thank you for the tutorial and the link to the font.

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