31 December 2010

More than you want to know?

So, I read Amy's post, and thought I'd play along, too. 

Hi, I'm Chris.  Here I am yesterday.  I don't take a lot of pictures of myself.  I am more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it.

Here are some random facts about me, in no particular order.

I am a neat freak who can't stay neat.  I love things ordered, but I also have a tendency to pile things up in random corners. 

I am the oldest child of two oldest children.  It's been my privilege to know not only my grandparents really well, but through high school age, know some of my great-grandparents. 

My parents moved our family from Arizona to Utah the summer before my junior year.  It was a tricky transition, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

I'm the only girl in my family.  Living in the dorm my freshman year was very eye opening.  That being said, the friends I made that year are still incredibly close.  They are my sisters.  When Wes and I were married, although they lived all over, each girl came to our wedding, some with babes in tow.   

I worry at times about parenting my older children.  Preschoolers I can handle...tweens and teens, not so much.

I can stay away from most sweets, but I can't lay off semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I have a physical need for dark chocolate.  I'm the only one in my family who will eat Hershey's special dark.

I took AP art in high school, and only earned a 2 on my portfolio.  It was so devastating I didn't draw or paint for two years after that. 
Here's our second home.  (sigh)
Wes and I were able to build our first home (and six others) through a non-profit housing program.  With the skills learned and sweat equity, we were able to build our second home.  I can frame, do finish work, and paint with the best of them.  :)  I also learned how to tile with our second home.  I hate to be hot.  (Funny coming from a kid from Phoenix, huh?)  I'd much rather be cold and bundle up than be sweaty...there's only so much you can tastefully remove!   Still, I consider myself a desert rat.  Humidity and I don't get a long.
So now that I've shared a little more about me...how about you?  Anything fun you'd like to share so I can get to know you better? 

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elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I too am a neat freak who has a pile or three on the corner of her desk, the kitchen counter and the dining room table. If it's in a neat pile, I don't feel as bad about it. Thanks for sharing!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm like you with the heat. Hate to be hot and humid. And I live in East Texas. So there's lots of that. Kudos to you for being a handy girl with her tools! I wish I knew how to do some of that. I'm a neat freak too. Happy New Year!

Kristin said...

I liked this post! I like the neat freak with piles of stuff, I can relate a little too much to that :-)

Amber said...

I love that you know how to build a house and have used that skillset. I love 'meeting' a fellow woman not afraid of power tools!

Tasha said...

That sure was fun! I am totally impressed with your building and tiling skills. That is awesome.

Unknown said...

I'm laughing my heiny off because I got a 2 on my AP portfolio too. And It broke my little heart for years...I still haven't gotten over it. Sheesh...I'll show them!!!

I would LOVE to find out more about your housing thing?

Tiffany said...

I'm always tardy for the party. This was a sweet post. I wish I knew how to tile!!! I can't do special dark, prefer milk chocolate.

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I would love to be a neat freak. My house is always in a perpetual state of being cluttered. I don't have a place for anything, so anything goes anywhere. I've tried through the years to become a neat freak, but it's evidently something you're born with, or maybe something traumatic happens in your life to make you that way. Oh, how I wish I were a neat freak! But, you and I both share a dislike of the heat. I took a job in Germany back in 2001, not realizing they don't have air conditioning over there. My friends and English-speaking Germans were shocked that I couldn't handle the heat. They kept saying, "But you're from Georgia. It's hot there, isn't it?" My response, "Yes, it's hot. But we have FRICKIN' AIR CONDITIONING IN GEORGIA!!!"

Natalie Cannon said...

I stumbled on to your blog today and will bookmark it as a favorite. Neat freak that can't stay neat. I love it! That's so me. I'm hoping the clutter in my house is a phase I will grow out of as my four young children grow older. I spend so much time picking up after them I can't get to everything else. When I saw your love @ home banner I realized we share the same faith. Love the banner by the way. May try something similar for myself. I'm from southern california and used to dry heat and ocean breeze with lots of air conditioning thrown in for good measure. Husband is army so we've lived all over, humidity of the south is my least favorite so far. So many things you mentioned about yourself I wanted to say, "Me too!" It's fum to find others similar to yourself. I feel like I am a couple years behind you in the kids and blog department. I am thankfully still in the little kid stage and totally dread the tween and teen era breathing down my neck. I just started my own blog and know that my pictures and crafts are in need of a lot of polish. Thanks for the inspiring blog. Your welcome to visit mine anytime. findingmystamp.blogspot.com Aptly named as I try to find my own creative style.

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