01 July 2009

Fun Tutorials I Have Loved

My #2 child wants to be a baker when she grows up. So, for Christmas last year she asked for baking items. I made her an apron using this tutorial from everything your mama made:

To personalize it, I rounded the corners using a small plate as a template. I then finished it with a ruffled edge before inserting the skirt into the waistband.

Since then, I also made another apron for 3 yr old my niece, using the smaller size.

Another great find is this tutorial on making a nursing apron from the Secret Stitch Club. The only adjustment I made was to add 1/4 inch ribbon in the side and bottom hems to add additional weight.

Lastly, I am one of those unique individuals who cloth diaper. After trying lots of ways to make those things a little more trim, I came upon a great free pattern called the "Rita's Rump Pocket".
I modified her pocket diaper to use aplix (a cloth diaper preferred velcro), and have been so thrilled with the results. I made the velcro tabs using "granny tabs" from Kei's Creations.

And here is my result:

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Momto4hellions said...

Love that apron!


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