02 April 2011

Sewing 101 with Sarah, Opening Button Holes

Welcome back for another fabulous Sewing 101 guest.  I found Sarah through Jami's Air Your Laundry Party, and we've been friends ever since.  I love reading her blog...I feel like I'm reading a design magazine.  

Hi there, I'm Sarah from Modern Country Style and I'm here to show you a really useful tip for cutting through newly-made button holes.
Let me show you what I mean.

First of all, you need to have sewn your button hole, which I've done in a contrasting stitch so that you can see exactly what I'm yapping on about.
{My sewing machine has a one-step button hole which is invaluable. If you're about to get a new sewing machine and wondering whether this is a feature worth coughing up for then, let me tell you, it is!!}

Now, once your button hole is completed, place a pin cross-ways along the very top of the button hole, like this:

Then insert your seam-ripper carefully at the bottom of the button hole:

Ever-so-gently begin to push upwards towards the pin, which is there to prevent the seam-ripper from tearing through the top part of the button hole.
Smart, eh?

And here she is:

Gorgeous people, meet beautiful button hole. Beautiful button hole, meet gorgeous people.

Thank you so much for asking me to be here, Chris.
If you fancy a further chinwag, I'd love to see you (yes, YOU) over at Modern Country Style, which is a mix of interior and crafting loveliness. Come on over and see what you think!

Isn't Sarah absolutely fabulous?  I had never seen this tip...and if you've ever accidentally cut through a button hole, you know how great this is.  Check out some of the loveliness on Sarah's blog.  This pillow was the first thing that caught my eye.  I want to while away hours in her garden.  Here's another pillow that I fancy!

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Larri said...

I'm having one of those 'duh' moments and am ever-so-grateful for this tip. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Saturday! :o)

Impera Magna said...

What a great idea to use a pin to stop the seam ripper from cutting to far!

If you make a lot of buttonholes, you may want to invest in a buttonhole cutter... best thing since sliced bread!

URL: http://www.clotilde.com/detail.html?source=froogle&code=142615

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I am learning sew much from your blog!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

For the first time in a decade, I made a button hole this week (I have 4 step though). I wish I would have known about this straight pin tip - brilliant. I love this series.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Thank you so much for having me here, Chris. I really enjoy this series and I am SO honoured that you asked me.

I've so loved getting to know you both on and off our blogs.

Big hug to you, my lovely,


Anne said...

This is so smart!! I'm always nervous when I cut my buttonholes open. I'm always afraid I'm going to cut too far and ruin it.

I linked to your tip on Craft Gossip Sewing here:


Kristin said...

I love my one-step button 'holer' but with my fancy pansy sewing machine, it took my FOREVER to figure out. I only figured it out this week, and Ive owned my machine for almost 2 years now (kind of pathetic huh?)

Unknown said...

A pin. That's all. A pin. So simple yet so very clever. Such a useful bit of info! Thanks to you both!

Michele T said...

Well! I'll be.... thanks for this tip - so simple too! I will definitely use it on my next project with button holes.

Mary said...


My mother taught me how to cut a buttonhole long before the seam ripper was invented!
1.Insert the tip of a long pin at one end of the buttonhole.
2. Fold buttonhole in half.
3. Insert that same pin into the other end of the buttonhole.
4. Starting at the fold, begin cutting the buttonhole open using scissors.

I find that when you push a seam ripper, you have very little control as to how far it will rip!

Judi said...

What a GREAT tip!! I've been sewing for years, and this has never even crossed my mind.

Judi x

Nicole said...

Good idea! Thanks for sharing :)
Please drop by for an award!
Take Care!!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I have never made a buttonhole, even though my machine has the one-step feature. I'm planning a shirt that might require one, and this will be very useful. I love Sarah... thanks for having her over, Chris!

janimal said...

I read this pin tip right in my sewing machine manual!
But I learned a new way from a friend. I use my small rotary cutter blade to slice through the fabric. Then I use my detail scissors to cut from that little slit to make it open to the end. I feel like I have more control with scissors that with the seam ripper. And for thicker fabrics or several layers, sometimes the seam ripper is tough to maneuver.

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