09 December 2010

Christmas Wreath and announcement

Hi there.

I'll share more Christmas decorating on Saturday, but wanted to show you my wreath, updated for Christmas.

By way of announcement, I have two sets of Symbols of Christmas ornaments available for purchase.  I made a couple extra while I was developing the pattern and thought one or two of you might like them.  I re-opened my etsy shop, and they are available there, with free shipping!  Both are sold, thank you!!!

These are the actual sets for sale:

I also have copies of my Symbols of Christmas Sewing Pattern available in the shop, for those who feel more comfortable shopping through Etsy.  I had to raise the price to $7, to cover the fees.  I still have my regular pattern shop on here on the blog, too.

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5 happy thoughts:

Tasha said...

Love the updated wreath. I am just such a bunting fan every time I see your wreath I think "I LOVE THAT!!" Fun you added some ornament sets to your etsy shop ;)

Erin said...

cute wreath chris!!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Your wreath is beautiful and so is your door. Love that red. I secretly believe every house should have a red door.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Ooooh, it's gorgeous! And it suits you down to the ground. I love it's simplicity and the colours and the....oh, just everything!


Lei said...

Love the wreath!

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