19 November 2010

Our door has been wreathed

At our previous home, the wind blew so frequently that a wreath on the door was out of the question.  After we moved, I saw this wreath idea via Be Different--Act Normal.  I was also inspired by Candace's unique scalloped garland.  To make mine, I used up lots of scraps, and a bias tape remnant. 

I used a few precious favorites like the Meadowsweet you see above.  Mostly, I used fall inspired scraps with a bit of turquoise thrown in for fun.

I cut every piece out using my pinking shears, saving myself a few steps.  Each scallop was 4" by 2.5" approximately

I sewed them folded right sides together, and then slit the fold open. 

I then turned each scallop right side out and ironed it flat.  The remnant bias tape, before folding, is 1.5" wide.

I made 18 scallops total.  I pinned the scallops to one edge of the bias tape and then basted them in place. 

I finished the garland by folding the bias tape in place and sewing down the entire length of the tape. 

As a final step, I threaded the garland through the wreath, tying it in place at each end. This way I could possibly make more garlands for Christmas, and if I feel ambitious, the other three seasons of the year. We'll see. It was fun to make. The hanger is just 3" width bias tape stitched closed, then sewn in place at the wreath and about 8 inches above and then tied in a bow.

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marenmat said...

I LOVE your wreath! Love the colors and the simplicity. Absolutely adorable!

Hannah Stevenson said...

Simple and festive. Love it!

Sandy said...

I love it! Great that you can change it up with the season/holiday.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

soo cute!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

This is such a great tutorial. Thank you!

I find it hard still to sew super-duper straight on bias binding. I veer off a millimetre or something. Your's looks beautiful though!


Life in Rehab said...

Geez Louise that's cute! I haven't seen anybody in the bloggosphere banner a wreath yet, you're the very first!

Celeste B. said...

That is so cute!! Love it!!! :)

Tasha said...

Oh, I am in love with it!! So darling. I want to do something like this on my door too. Maybe after christmas.

Anonymous said...

Wishing I could sew! What a cute wreath!

Kaylie said...

Pretty cute and clever! Enjoy not having to worry about the wind whipping it around! I currently live where its super windy this time of year and as a result of my stubborness of wanting a fall and Christmas wreath, I now have a nice whooshing mark on my front door.

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Oh too cute! I love that shape of the bunting, great job!

Caca said...

this is something different! so simple and yet vintage.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is such a sweet wreath, Chris. It's adorable. Love the fabric combination.

Unknown said...

It's sew pretty, my crafty friend! Party is back on after a holiday break!


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