09 March 2010

Big Sister's Birthday is Coming!

My older daughter has a birthday coming up the middle of March. She was lucky enough to get an AG Kirsten doll from a secret Santa at Christmas, who knew she loved Kirsten [remember Halloween?]. (We have amazing neighbors!)
So, for her birthday, I wanted to get her some of Kirsten's clothes and accessories.  Unfortunately, AG has retired Kirsten, and all her collection has gone WAY up in price on eBay.  I thought I'd have to make my own patterns.  So, I started hunting on the web to find photos of Kirsten's collection.  Then, I hit the jackpot.  There is a website devoted to AG collecting called, AGPlaythings.com. Back in 1990, AG (pre Matel) actually published patterns for the dolls.  The contributors to the website actually scanned the patterns and made them available HERE.  So, in my spare moments while my daughter's at school, I've been busy cutting out patterns and sewing.  The first project completed is Kirsten's nightgown.
I'm trying to use fabric and notions I had on hand, and luckily, I had what I needed, minus some of the lace recommended for the cuffs and collar.  

Detail of the cuff
Detail of the placket.
For anyone wanting to make sure they are making clothing that is somewhat accurate for the pioneer period, the patterns are a must. I recommend them with the caveat that they are not the best written, and a few more pictures would have been really helpful.  Definitely not for a beginning sewer.  They do have some thoughtful details, like sewing the blue grid pattern on the fabric before cutting out pattern pieces.   It is tricky to sew these little clothes.  Not a lot of room for error.  As you can see, my seams are not exactly perfect!

I plan to make the rest of the accessories for the "Meet Kirsten" collection, as well as some underthings.  It will be fun to see Sister's reaction when she opens her birthday present!

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4 happy thoughts:

Erin said...

so cute! you're such a good mom!

Kristi said...

That turned out great Chris! I'm so glad to hear about that website too. I will check it out. I made my girls white flannel nightgowns for Christmas with the intention of making matching ones for their AG dolls. That part didn't happen. Now I can access great patterns if I get the itch to finish the doll versions.

Heidi Wilcox said...

Super cute! I'm sure she'll love the clothes XOXO

Julie said...

That's wonderful. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to have an American Girl doll! Found you on New Friend Friday. I'm a new follower too!

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