25 February 2010

Stretchy Pants

I know that the majority of parents out there probably don't cloth diaper...but for those of you who do, how do you find cute pants that fit????

Ok, for those of you who have struggled to force that cute cotton covered bum into jeans, I have a new pattern I am working on.  A la "Nacho Libre", I have dubbed them the Stretchy Pants.  
Yes, that is how baby often sits.  It makes me hurt to watch sometimes!

Cute huh?  I designed them to have extra rise in the back, and wider bottom than front.  They'll come in 3 sizes 12, 18, and 24 months.  They are made from fleece, so no fear of knits, and no serger needed.  Plus, I'll give you modifications for boy or girl.  And, you can make them to match cute tops, like these I found for $1.69 at the Children's Place

 The cutest bum!

Still working the kinks out of the multiple sizes, but I was just so dang excited, I couldn't wait to show.

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3 happy thoughts:

Audra MacK said...

Great idea. My babies are so thin that cloth diapers help their pants stay up better but I agree with there not being enough rise in the back in most pants. Love this. So cute!

Heidi Wilcox said...

Super cute Chris! I'm sure many frustrated mommies will find these helpful;)

Ashley said...

I feel your pain! I have to buy pants 2 sizes too big! But nothing is cuter than a cd bootie!

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