26 January 2010

Hooray for Snow

It actually snowed overnight.  This is a source of joy because as a landscaper, my husband gets extra income from plowing snow during the winter.  While many around the US have been inundated with rain and snow, we've been in a winter drought in our part of Idaho.  Snowpack is way down...and we've only  had enough snow to plow 2 other times so far this winter.  Way below our usual.  Over the weekend, I made some "snowballs" as part of our winter decor.  We just needed something to keep our hopes up.  I guess it worked!

I followed the Pottery Barn Twine Ball Tutorial from V and Co, but rather than using twine I made small bias strips of fabric, and sewed in cotton twine.  I used up long scraps of white fabric I had around, including scraps from my baptism dress too many years ago!  The only things I actually purchased were the styrofoam balls from Wal-Mart. 

Then, I got out the glue gun and applied the "twine" in a circle, and twisted as I went.

The results are not perfect, but I like how they turned out:

Many years ago, my mom and I made these large softie snowmen from warm and natural cotton batting, some buttons, flannel and some old t-shirts.  Mom made the carrot noses from sculpey.  I think all  together, these guys say "Keep the Snow Coming!"  Don't you?

Have a great day!

5 happy thoughts:

Heather said...

Isn't that just darling! What a neat take on those waaaay overpriced decorative balls in the stores!

Becca said...

So fun! I love your " Because nice matters" sigh!

V and Co. said...

whoot! look how cute they turned out!! way to go! ;) -V

Anonymous said...

Those turned out so cute! I want to make some! May have to buy the pattern.

Sheri@childmade.com said...

I LOVE how these turned out. I've posted a link. Thanks for sharing!

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