12 October 2009

Doodle Purses....half way

Hi there. Sorry its been a while since I had a craft-related post. Life has been really busy. I did want to show that I am making progress, albeit slowly, on my Christmas sewing. Here are the first two doodle purses, based on Mandy's design. Of course, I learned a lot as I went, and had to make some adjustments for my needs. For example, sewing the pockets together on one long end before sewing them to the backing. Another, add the handles BEFORE you turn everything. As a matter of personal preference, I top-stitched everything at 1/8" instead of 1/4".

I cut up a pair of my hubbie's jeans that he had torn up for the outer fabric. It made these really sturdy. The rest is made of of scraps from my stash...which believe it or not is finally diminishing. For baby's purse, I made the crayon pockets bigger to accommodate the chubby crayons.

For the others, I wanted to be able to use colored pencils, and thus designed new pockets. I added the flap with a snap because I was afraid the pencils would dump out in transit since they were oriented sideways.

The others are cut out, the third half way put together. So much to do, and so little time (especially when I don't want little eyes to see what I 'm doing!)

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Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

I love them! I like how you adjust the pocket with flap for the pencil crayons. Hope your next two turn out just as cute

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