01 August 2009

Second Repurposed Shirt

Here is my second repurposed shirt. You can see what it looked like originally here. The one thing I am fussing about is the button placement. I used the original shoulder seams and button holes, but there is a gap...and I'm not sure the best way to go. Should I add another button? Should I just sneak a little snap in there to keep the gap from opening? I used lastin on the sleeves to make the original sleeves fit a little girl. I cut down the shirt, then added the ruffle from the original width of the shirt. I love how it looks aside from the button issue. I just might have to copy this into another blouse.

UPDATE: Here is how I finished the shirt. Sorry the photo is not great, I took it at twilight last night when I finished the new button holes. My daughter is wearing it to school today, (8/26/09), so this will have to do.

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dana said...

Very cute! I love it! I guess it's hard to replace all the buttons now b/c you've made button holes. Hmmm....if there's a fold of fabric where the button holes are....then maybe you could sneak in a small piece of velcro, which would be sewn on the inside fold (on the inside of the shirt) so that you wouldn't see the stitching on the outside.
I'm sure that's really confusing. But that might be a solution!
good luck!
very cute :)

duckyhouse said...

I would just add another button directly under the top button on the red fabric. With the neckline fabric being different, it would like a purposeful design.

I think your blouse is very clever.

Erin McC said...

Chris, you are amazing! I'm in awe at how much you get done! So fun. I love the girly clothes, too! You're so lucky to have 2 beautiful daughters! Have fun!

Pippi creates said...

I have had this problem too in refashioning adult shirts into tops for little ones. I think you need to add more buttons to lessen the gaps between them. I usually do. If you can't match cotton or button colour, try alternating the colours: use blue cotton for making the button holes and then add red buttons, this way it looks like it is meant to be. Looks lovely though. I love the collar/yoke (?) you have added, it makes the top really noticeable. Well done!

dana said...

Hey there Chris. Thanks for the comment on MADE :). Just wondering if you ever figured out a button-fix for the shirt here? Or maybe you got bored and moved on...that's what happens to me most of the time!

Chris said...

Things have been a little crazy this week. My biggest issue was that I don't have matching thread to make additional buttonholes that would match. Pippi suggested making new ones that don't match, and so I think when I get to this next week, that's what I'll do. I'll just add two more buttons and that will fix the issue. Thanks for checking back!

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