31 July 2009

Grosgrain Ribbon Belt Tutorial

Welcome to my first tutorial. I saw a cute grosgrain ribbon belt and thought, I can do that. Now, you can too!

First, gather your materials:

You'll need:
1. Heat & Bond Lite 7/8" strip, 2. Your choice of 1" grosgrain ribbon, 3. Thread, 4. Two (2) 1" metal D-rings, and 5. Measuring Tape, Scissors, Iron, Seam Ripper, and Sewing Machine.

Figure out how long you want your belt. I measured my daughter's waist, and added 5 inches, for a total of 28.5". You may want to make yours a little longer.

Now, measure and cut two pieces of ribbon and one strip of heat & bond to your desired length.

Iron the heat & bond to one piece of ribbon.

Peel the paper backing, and bond the two pieces of ribbon by ironing together.

Topstitch each side of the bonded ribbons about 1/8" away from the edge.

Iron down one ribbon end 1/4". Fold over another 1/4" and then sew the end down, double stitching to hold it down.

Now comes the "tricky" part. On the other end of the ribbon, iron down 1/4" in the opposite direction that you sewed the first end. Slip on the two D-rings, and fold over the ribbon just under 1". Sew a small square that holds down the 1/4" portion. I used the zipper foot on my machine to make sewing around the D-rings easier.

Your finished seam should look like this:

Way to go! You've created a cute belt.

Let me know what you think. Email me! burleyaudio at gmail dot com

Tonight my 3 year old son begged me to make him a belt. Here he is modeling it:

A couple of hints: If you arrange the ribbon just off (1/4") on each end where you fold it in, it makes things a little less bulky. Also, cutting the heat & bond a little shorter (about 1") than the ribbon also helps in the folding and sewing of the ends. Good luck making your own cute belt.

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4 happy thoughts:

Connie said...

You're awesome! Nice photos and instructions!

Chris said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you stopped by.

duckyhouse said...

What a great tutorial !

happymomof3 said...

Very Cute!!! I can make an expensive belt for every outfit!!

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