10 July 2009

Mom and Me Aprons

My husband's family is having a reunion in a couple weeks, and we're supposed to bring a handmade item for an auction. I decided to made an apron, and then I had enough fabric that I made two...for a mother and daughter. I found this cute and easy tutorial for a reversible half apron.

I made a child apron using the following dimensions:
Skirt: 14.5" by 10.5"
Ruffle: 18" by 3"
Tie: 4" by 53"
Two changes...I angled the end of the ties, and I really like how it turned out. I decided to not gather the top of the skirt so it would cover more. I also topstitched the whole thing, not just the binding.

Enjoying my long dormant chance to sew again, I decided to pull out my dusty wonder-under and made some Little Red Hen appliques. I've copied the pieces if you'd like to use them and have added a link to my ScribeID account under free patterns where you can download a copy.

Thanks to amazing mae for reminding me of how fun this can be!

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Click on Photo for close up.
Top L: Close up on pocket Top Middle: Little Red Hen and Her Chick Top R: Little Chick
Bottom L: Mom Apron Pocket Side Bottom Middle: Hen Side Bottom R: Child Apron

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