13 July 2009

Craft Hope

Hi there. I just found out about an amazing group of ladies who are making things for orphans in India. If you would like to help, go to http://crafthope.com/ for more info. The deadline (kinda short notice, I know) is July 25. They need light weight blankets, pillowcases (to cover infant mattresses), handkerchiefs (they pin them on the baby to wipe nose and mouth), and soft balls to play with. If you can help, join the effort! Their last project, making dolls for children in orphanages in South America drew 405 dolls. Think what this amazing craft community could pull together.

You can find a ball pattern here:

And a hankie pattern here:

Blankets should be 26"-28" square.

I am going to start with some balls that my kids can help stuff.

UPDATE: We made 4 balls yesterday. Here's the photo of the results. Not perfect, but great effort for young kids!

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