14 July 2009

Goal Accomplished!

Hi all. I have to show off my latest creation. I am super pleased with how it turned out.

It's a size 18-24 months, and made from cotton voile. Everything is lined, and perfect for summer. I found these leggings for super cheap last spring, and finally have a top to match. I made it for my baby's first birthday next week.

I designed the pattern myself (my first ever), and even have a friend trying it out to see if I wrote it properly. I would LOVE to eventually make it available for purchase...that may be a while with school looming in my future again next month. I am not savvy with Photoshop or the like, but hopefully I can find some ways to jazz up the presentation. For now, the pattern is hand drawn, with instructions written in .doc with photos and illustrations that go along. If you are interested in trying out the pattern, let me know. In the meantime, I will make the applique pattern available as I did the Little Red Hen.

It feels so good to get something accomplished! Now, off to start a baby blanket.

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