16 July 2009

Craft Hope Blanket

Here is the blanket I created for Craft Hope. I am happy to say I was able to put it together with things I found in my stash. The quilt blocks were 4.5" flannel squares. After piecing the top, I attached a second piece of flannel for an inner layer, and basted the two together. I made the ruffle by ironing the fabric (a soft pink polyester which will be fun to play with) in half and gathering by sewing a long straight stitch and gently pulling by hand. I then basted the ruffle to the blankie top. Since the ruffle fabric liked to fray, I zigzag stitched it to the blanket. Next, I cut a back from a super soft old sheet, and sewed it right sides together to the top, leaving about a 5 inch gap to turn the blanket. After it was turned, I hand stitched the opening closed, and then finished everything with top stitching. I sewed around the whole blanket edge. Finally I sewed down the center of each square, making diagonal lines down the blanket to quilt all three layers together. I think it turned out better than I imagined. I just keep picturing a sweet little dark haired cutie snuggled inside and I get teary as I sew.
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dana said...

Oh my! What a beautiful blanket! You really went all out. Some little child is really going to love that. I'm so happy you joined in!

Jana Eubank said...

Hi Chris!!! I'm so glad you stopped in to my blog and said "hello" :D Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm loving your sewing projects! . . . that is one thing I could never get the hang of, just ask my mom. LOL! I'm terrible with a sewing machine! If it's on paper, I'm okay, but material? . . . I'm so nervous of messing up expensive fabrics. Take care! It was nice hearing from you! :)

Ashleigh said...

Hi Chris,
You commented on my blog and I didn't know how to say hi back until I found this. 4 kids and all this?! Anyway hi and I'd love to see your family blog to catch up. ashleighwhatch@Hotmail.com

Ashleigh Hatch (logan)

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