21 July 2009

Birthday Banner

Hip hip hooray! I have wanted to make something like this since I came upon one several months ago. Baby turns one this week (sigh!!!), and it was the perfect time to do it.

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I used amazing mae as a guide, and also found Vanilla Joy's tutorial and created my own. I don't own pinking shears, and so I sewed the triangles together, and then turned and pressed them. My triangles are more narrow than what was suggested by either because I was trying to use up my old large scraps. I also free-handed the lettering. I like my handwriting, and so I just wing lettering most of the time. I pressed wonder-under to fabric, then sketched the letters backwards and cut them out. It took a little trial and error, and if you like it, I'd be happy to trace them and make them available as a pattern. I made my own binding, using bias strips I had cut for a past project and had oodles of extra left over. To attach the triangles, I tucked them inside the bias tape, pinned everything together, and then sewed a 1/8" topstich along the top and bottom of the bias. I love how the black bias really sets off the design. I can't wait to hear what my children think of the banner when they come home from Granny's today!

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traci said...

I love how this turned out. I love when I get to pull ours out for a family birthday. Well worth all the effort. And, your font (handwriting) is graet.

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