19 February 2013

Purse for me + zippy pouch

Did I mention I made a new purse?

When Anna introduced her Sidekick tote pattern, I knew I'd want to try it.  When I found out last November that I'd need to carry extra stuff with me, it was time.
I have really liked Anna's patterns, and can highly recommend them without any hesitancy.  (No, this is not a paid endorsement!)

I used brown canvas I had on hand, used scraps from Dolly's Ayashe blouse, and some of my precious Kaufman Quilter's linen in taupe.

I used a magnetic snap instead of velcro on the front pocket...personal preference.

I also added a small zipper pocket on the back to keep my cell phone in.

Inside is an additional zippered pocket to corral personal items like hand sanitizer and my glucose tablets.  There's also a little patch pocket to keep business cards in.

I made a little pull tab for ease of opening.

Using Anna's open wide zipper pouch as a beginning point, I made a special pouch to hold my new necessities.

I changed the size to be 11" wide and 4" tall, just big enough to hold my insulin pens, needles, and alcohol preps.

For the pockets, I made small versions of pleated pockets you've seen on the Travel Organizer and Dolly's Boxy Messenger bag.

Have you done any "selfish" sewing lately?

6 happy thoughts:

Michele Pacey said...

Look at all the handy little pockets in there. Just perfect for those important necessities. Lovely Chris!

Tiffany said...

It's all in the details, the zip tab is sweeet, might be my favorite part of the bag. And way to "bling" out your new necessities. If you gotta carry them, shouldn't it be in style? Seriously, insulin pens, needles, and alcohol preps never looked so good.

Melissa said...

Very pretty - I really like the shape of the bag...

I haven't made anything for myself but I have some ideas in the back of my head.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Love the fabrics, Chris. I think this is the only pattern of Anna's that I don't have yet. I love the look of it. Great job customizing a pouch for your medical supplies!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I want one! Do you sell these things at all?

chris said...

@doctoratehousewife.com I haven't ever made purses for sale, and don't really have time to at this point, I'm sorry to say. Love to meet a fellow doctor, however! :)

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