03 November 2012

Halloween 2012

Better late than never...

I don't know about you...but this week has been SO busy.  I may not have blogged much, but the house is finally clean, Big Sister's room is almost organized, and the basement is not a scary disorganized mess any more.  Oh, and I also have done a little sewing!  (more on that next week...and an actual sewing tutorial!)

Interspersed in all of the cleaning, we did a bit of halloweening.

This was the first year that Dolly tried to clean out the pumpkin all by herself.

With coaching from mom, and some help with carving, here is how all the pumpkins came out this year.  Reprising his vampire costume this year, Little Boy wanted "dracula" teeth for his jack-o-lantern.

Dolly kept things pretty simple.  Which mom appreciates.  She also wanted to be Hedwig again, which saved me figuring out an additional costume.

Sis did her pumpkin carving all on her own.  Her pumpkin didn't want to stand up, so she decided to carve it sideways.  That's my problem solver!

And Big Brother...heaven help me, he's getting that tween attitude.

This is Big Sister's costume, thankfully the only one I had to sew this year.  She wanted to be a ghost, and scoured pinterest for ideas.  Using what was left from the PB Inspired Smocked drapes, I made this dress, based on a peasant blouse.  Lots of fullness here.  I had two more scraps, just big enough to make something fun to cover her head.

We enjoyed participating in our congregation's trunk or treat...and even decorated our truck with a hay bale and our pumpkins.  I really appreciate that it's safe and fun for our kids.

On a more sober note, I've been watching with concern all the problems on the east coast.  I'm so grateful my friends were minimally affected, and have been praying for help to get to those hurt quickly.  How was your Halloween?

2 happy thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Oh how fun to trunk and treat. The tween look, I so recognize that look lol I didn't even carve a pumpkin, it is pretty quiet where we live, and with the kids grown, I just don't bother. But I did go trick or treating with Elmo {Carter} at the mall and it was so fun. Miss those days with my girls, but now I get to enjoy it all over again!

celeste said...

We never got to the pumpkin carving this year. The sideways pumpkin is genius.

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