10 August 2012

So I've finally started hanging pictures.

This unpacking and figuring out where to put things sure takes a while. I've deliberately taken my time hanging pictures...and there are still lots of blank walls!

However, I wanted to put up my cherished photos of our children.

I'll share some thoughts on why I put things where, and next week I'll share some tutorials on how I did a few things.
First up, do you remember this hallway?

What a difference!  I deliberately chose pictures for this side of the wall that I won't be changing out.  They are pictures of my children together, as babies, and they will stay for a while.  I anchored this wall with our mirror.

The mirror collects all the light from the windows in our bedroom, and brightens up the hallway.  At either end of the wall, I have a picture of my older and younger babies together.

In the middle, I have these triple frames.  They are each of our babies at six weeks old in the top two photos, the bottom with my boys together, and girls together.  You can see the difference in my photography skills as the years go by...and that's ok.

In the middle, I made this little frame collection.  In our previous home I painted this scripture on the wall under my children's photos.  I wanted to do something similar again, but with a new twist.  I'll share the how-to plus some free printables next week.

Here's the completed wall again. 

I had to include pops of color in the ribbon, and with my Love @ Home Banner.

On the other side of the wall, I made my own picture molding.  I have always loved the look of picture molding, and came up with a way to make my own with stuff I had on hand.

These pictures are intended to be updated (and are really in need of it!) as the children get older.  I had turquoise grosgrain ribbon on hand, but could easily change the color or use twill tape if I feel like it.  It would also look cool to use picture hanging wire.  Hmm.  So, next week, plan on learning on how to make your own inexpensive picture molding up, and your own "Behold your little ones" picture.  :)

Have a great weekend!

6 happy thoughts:

Melissa said...

Wow!! It is a home now - photos on the wall.

Isn't it interesting to see how your photography skills change over the years. Sometimes I was C's could be as good as K's and sometimes I look at C's and think there was a naivete in my photography that is sweet that K will never have in her photos because my technique tends to kill it...

You are amazing Chris!!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey Chris,

wow! you're settling in incredibly quickly. It took me aaaaages to hang pictures of any kind!!

It's looking like a real home, which, of course, it is!

I'm super-impressed!!


Unknown said...

Hooray for picture hanging stage. I love the photos and the "behold your little ones" frames. Cuteness. Seeing your molding makes me want to head to the lumber store. I love the simplicity and chunkiness? of it.

Carol said...

Love your new house, your decorating skills and you!

Andy said...

I love the scripture in the white frames. I'm going to copy you :)

Unknown said...

The gallery wall is so great Chris!

I'm sending healthy thoughts your way, and hope you're feeling strong this week. Take care you.

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