04 May 2012

Finish work is coming along.

We've been setting doors, cutting and installing trim, and getting really dusty.

This is where the work becomes more meticulous, time consuming, and nit-picky....I love it!

The kids have been introduced to the fine art of spackle and setting nails.  I think they're already sick of it.  I am the official caulker.  More of that to come.

In keeping with my modern cottage design, we've used chunky 1x6 and 1x4 MDF to create the headers and  casings for the windows and doors.

The door design is a simple two panel, which matches the half lite doors we've installed in the kitchen and garage.  Setting doors just right is tricky.  We still have one set of closet doors I'm ready to chuck out the window.  :)

In the bathrooms, we reduced the size of the casings so we could accommodate the necessary switches etc.

I really like the simple caps we've created for the half walls.  They are made from a 1x8 and 1x2s.  Simple, straight lines.  I also love the chunky baseboard we're putting in.  It's made with a 1/2" by 6" MDF.  So much easier to install...no 45 degree angles to cut or profiles to cut with a coping saw.

With some tight corners, we had to reduce the size of the casings and headers to fit.  I think by the time we get to our last door, we'll be pros.  Here's the view into the great room from the hallway.  Someday those shelves will have rope lights.

One of the things we've been challenged with in this stage is the drywall.  Without our knowing, the subcontractor installed 5/8" drywall instead of 1/2".  It makes for a sturdier house, but EVERYTHING from electrical boxes to door casings are made for 1/2" drywall.  So, we have had issues like this:

To case this door, we've had to actually trim away some of the drywall, at least to fit the casings.  Like I said, very dusty!

Once we complete the finish work, we'll be ready for paint.

Doesn't the front door look nice all trimmed out?  You'd never know how much we had to trim off the drywall to get it in.  :)

How are your projects (big or small) coming? To see the entire house saga, you can see my round-up page HERE.

10 happy thoughts:

Impera_Magna said...

Everything is looking GREAT and I LOVE the trim you're putting in!

Bummer about the 5/8" drywall and the resulting "issues"... but this too shall pass!

Not long now!!!!!!!

freckled laundry said...

It's coming along so nicely, Chris. This stage and on is about where I'd start loving the work too. Too bad about the drywall thickness but at least you have a solid home. Your front door is beautiful and I'm loving the cottage look. I'm trying to convince the hubs to let me go with 1x6's and 8s for trim and bases but he things getting rid of what we have is being wasteful. He has a point but I can always put it on Craigslist or donate. ;)

Amy C said...

Oh, it's looking so great!! I love the trim you've chosen for around the doors/windows. I'd like to see a better picture of the baseboards that you don't have to cut at a 45 degree angle. That sounds nice! :) Can't wait to see it with the paint. How long until you get to move in?

Stephanie said...

I know he drywall issue is a pain in the rear, but it really will be better for sound and will be great for heat and cold. Love, love the style you are using for the casing the windows and doors. I have used a lot of mdf to build up moldings all around our house, the only draw back is when it gets wet, say from a leaky sink or toilet, it expands a lot and can't be fixed. But overall it holds up well. Looking good Chris! Love seeking the progress.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I can't believe how spacious everything looks, I love the use of chunky trim, it makes such a huge difference to frame out the windows that way. They are really special. Your little helper is adorable, she will remember this forever!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Wow! What progress! I love the trim around the windows & doors. I've always wanted that simple, chunky look in my house.

Michele Pacey said...

Love the country cottage trim. Very neat and clean looking. I can't believe how quickly things are going now (maybe that's just me). You'll be all done before you know it!

Erin said...

wow! you've made so much progress. i absolutely love the trim you've put in! it looks fantastic!!

Melissa said...

You must have amazing patience!! It looks great - even the white on grey camo paint job on the walls (just being a smart aleck).


Whosies said...

you go girl! i love this stage. it is slow, but very visual. we are cutting concrete in the basement....i hear you on the dust!

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