11 November 2011

Animal report and a biome

Why is it that when your child gets a big assignment in school, mom does too? My oldest boy was assigned a one page report on an animal of his choice, and also had to create a "biome" (fancy word for habitat). He decided he wanted to write a report on grey wolves. I was pretty impressed with the biome we put together, and thought you might like to see it too.

The hardest part of this whole project was that my son had to listen to me.  He had to consider that mom might actually know a thing or two about writing papers and making stuff.  Originally he wrote a rough draft based on research he had done...and it wasn't very good.  Frankly I was disappointed that his teacher hadn't given him more direction.  I went back and we made a map of each question the report was supposed to cover, along with answers he found.  We discussed how a paragraph is written, and covered detailed outlines.  Once the paper was completed (hallelujah!), we tackled the biome.  I suggested to him that we use some real items from outside.

He used a small-ish box I just happened to have lying around.  He spray painted the inside to make it look like sky.  Good thing mom has spray paint, huh?

His dad helped him collect some small spruce branches to represent larger conifer trees, and we used google images to print off pictures he wanted of the cave, wolves, and a fawn onto cardstock.  He mounted the pictures onto bits of egg carton and put things together in layers.  Dolly was really fascinated with the final result.

Here's another close up for you:

And, the happy boy who finished his project EARLY! (never mind the dishes in the sink etc.)

It was not an easy thing to accomplish, but he did a great job.  In fact, his report and biome got top marks, and he really did do almost all of it himself.  I was just the coach.

p.s.  no big house updates...boo.  There have been some delays.  Good news is we have a floor.  Bad news is, there are no walls.

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Impera Magna said...

Excellent biome! Congratulations on surviving a big school project like this...

I laughed when I saw the box you just happened to have at home was from Fabric.com... very cool!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Way to go!!! What a fun project to work on together. I have fond memories of creating biomes and diaramas out of cardboard boxes.

Unknown said...

Great job Coach and Student! (I remember doing tons of coaching of this kind with my two older children! Ah memories...) So cool how you've incorporated some natural elements in your biome. I love that about it!

Congrats on having a floor too. How very exciting!

Melissa said...

"The hardest part of this whole project was that my son had to listen to me. He had to consider that mom might actually know a thing or two about writing papers and making stuff."

This made me smile!! I know that feeling.

It turned out beautifully. Good for both of you!!

Tiffany said...

I have to be honest, I hate when my kids wait until the last minute on a project then I feel the stress of getting it done for them. And of course they are never as neat or crafty as I want them to be. But I'm getting better, and have started to be the "coach" like you said.

Stephanie said...

Oh gosh, I am so glad my girls are all grown up, I hated those projects. I am a total over achiever, and I probably helped my girls a little too much. I love how yours turned out, and he looks so proud of himself. Way to go on getting it done early.

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