02 September 2011

The very necessary curtain + mini hemming tutorial

When we first moved into our rental, the only thing covering the front door window was half of a garbage bag. Classy.

I had to make a curtain...ASAP.
I bought this lovely Joel Dewberry fabric over two years ago, intending it for curtains for my old bathroom...which never happened. It was just large enough to cover this window, but not enough for a hem at the bottom.  So, here's a little trick I used to finish the hem.  It is also one of my favorite ways to hem a garment, too.

Step one.  Measure your window and then multiply the width by 1.5, add at least 2 inches to the length.  Cut out your fabric to the  measurements.  To make a weighted hem, cut out a strip of fabric 2" wide by the length of your curtain.  It can match, or contrast if you wish.  

Step two.  Sew the fabric strip to the bottom of your curtain (keep the right sides together).

Step three.  Make narrow hems along both sides of your curtain, including the fabric strip.

Stitch into place.

Step four.  Make a casing at the top for your curtain rod.  You can follow my tutorial HERE for more detail on this step.  For my curtain, I didn't leave a ruffle at the top because I was out of fabric!

Step five.  Fold the fabric strip up to the edge of your curtain.  Press.

Now stitch the hem in place.  For fun, I used a double needle.  Katy shared a great double needle tutorial HERE.

Wasn't that simple?  The great part about hems like this is there are no raw edges, and it also gives some weight to the bottom and helps the curtain (or skirt) to hang nicely.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  It has cooled off here in Idaho, and I love the bit of chill in the air.  I absolutely adore the fall.  September is my favorite month of the year.

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3 happy thoughts:

Impera Magna said...

What a great door window curtain! So much nicer than a black garbage bag... *lol*

Love the door wreath too... very cool!

Caroline said...

I love that fabric. And thanks for the mini-tutorial. I don't want to forget that idea, I'm sure it will come in very handy sometime.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Fantastic solution to a problem... and I love the fabric you used! I need to make a curtain for my laundry room- thanks for the inspiration!

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