31 July 2010

Sewing 101 Thank You

Hasn't Sewing 101 been so fun???


I have learned so many great new tips and tricks. 
I wanted to thank again each of the wonderful contributors.  Please be sure to visit your favorites and let them know you appreciated their work.

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life

Anna @ Noodlehead

Holly @ Bijou Lovely

Lynnette @ Get Your Craft On

Jessica @ Running with Scissors

Caroline @ Carolina Fair Designs

Deidre @ A Craft A Day

Suzannah @ Adventures in Dressmaking

Christine @ Design Esquire

Larissa @ mmmcrafts

Tasha @ Creation Corner

Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

Kalleen @ Second Street

Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations

Melissa @ The Polka Dot Chair

Traci @ Amazing Mae

Sewing 101 will be an on-going feature for my blog.  Hopefully each first Saturday of the month, we'll have a new guest or I'll be sharing a sewing 101 tip.  

Additionally, I'll continue to add to the fun link post HERE

Thank you to each wonderful lady who helped to make this series such a success!


4 happy thoughts:

Tasha said...

I just loved being a part of this series and have loved learning from these other women.

Caroline said...

You're so welcome Chris. I had a great time contributing AND reading along. Thank YOU for putting it together!

Unknown said...

thanks for doing this series. i got my first sewing machine from my mother for my birthday and i have no idea how to get started. thanks again.

-Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl

Unknown said...

Thanks again for having me, Chris. I've learned so many fun tips!

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