02 August 2010

Master Bathroom Update

While Sewing 101 has been happening, I've been working hard to accomplish some things on my to-do list that had been there way too long.

For all you new readers, I recently graduated last spring, and with school finally finished, and my work load reduced, it was time to attack that list.  Of course, I keep finding fun new projects all over the craft blog circuit so I don't think I'll ever completely finish that list!  I wanted to show off how my bathroom came together and give you some links to the tutorials that helped me complete my project.



The master bath in our home has been rather sterile and utilitarian, until now:

The new art was made courtesy of Anne at Decco Mod's Spa Art Tutorial, which she created for SYTYC, AND courtesy of Bee In Our Bonnet who included 2 12x12 artists canvases in a fabulous giveaway I won.  I'll show you what I did with the other canvas in my laundry room in a later post. 

The Inch by Inch box and photo holder I found tucked away in my craft stuff for some reason.  They were perfect for the little floating shelf.  I made a bunch of laminated quote cards to swap out from some of my favorite poets.

I uploaded a printable pdf  HERE if you want to make your own laminated quotes...I'll share the how-to soon.  When you go to Scribe ID, be sure to use the tool bar on the page itself, not the pop-up one.  Also, to print full-size, download first and print through adobe reader.  I promise the font looks fine when you print it... for some reason it doesn't show up well on the site.   

This fabric basket was made from a tutorial by Ayumills at the Pink Penguin.  I made the larger size, with dimensions found in her FAQ section.  It was just right to hold two rolls of toilet paper. 

I am so happy with how this little project came together.

Linking up to Skip to My Lou, Sew Can Do, Sugar BeeToday's Creative Blog, and Blue Cricket Designs

9 happy thoughts:

. said...

I love the fabric basket! Those colors speak to me...even though I don't have them in my home. LOL Isn't that weird..but I would SOOO carry a purse that looked like that. :)

And the idea of the interchangeable quotes is pretty cool too!

Moe said...

I love the little basket holding your toilet paper. Its so cute!

So glad I stopped by from skip to my lou!

Sandy said...

Love all the little touches you did, they look great! I have seen that fabric basket over at the pink penguin before, think it is one I need to put on my To-Sew list.

Design Esquire said...

It looks fantastic. It adds such a nice pop of color.

Tiffany said...

SO cute! Love the quote idea! I am going to have to steal that one. :)

Unknown said...

The difference is in the details, Chris and it looks great. I love your quote idea...thanks for the printable...now if only my printer was working. I LOVE the little bag that you made for the toilet paper. I'm going to die from all the projects that I keep adding to my list. Anyhow, just stopping in to say hello to a dear friend! :)


The Smiths said...

Thanks for all your inspiration! I'm giving you an award. Come over and check it out if you want! Happy Wedneday!

Moore Minutes said...

Excellent quote! And this all looks so crisp and FRESH! Just lovely.

Andy said...

ok. Love the basket. Love the art. Love the quote. Can I have your bathroom please?

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