06 June 2010

My current family room decor

This is the decor in my family room.  Did you know you were seeing a model of our home at SYTYC?  Thanks again to all who voted...and to Lori for liking it so much she posted about it here.  I had some close to last finishes a few times, and am still surprised I've hung in there.  It's all thanks to you, and I appreciate it.  It's given me the excuse to accomplish some tasks I may not have done otherwise. 

I was inspired to try the diorama idea by Larissa at mmmcrafts.  For the uninitiated, her blog is an amazing feast for the eyes.  Check out her house diorama, little red diorama, winterscape diorama, and family clothesline.  Amazing.  Mine is only a rough approximation...but I'm thrilled with it nonetheless.  I'll publish a tutorial next week on how I made mine.

The view in my family room is still a little spare, but I'm hoping to make some decor balls for the bowl and maybe some kind of runner eventually.  One project at a time. 

The branches are a new touch, as well.  My husband is a landscaper by profession.  He had to do a major pruning job on a linden tree.  As soon as I saw the shape of the branches, I had to have some.  A quick pruning job of my own, and they are now happily installed in our home.  I love the height it gives...and I was really getting tired of my silk hydrangeas.

I hope your Sunday is restful and happy.

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