28 May 2010

Country living...around the yard

Between rain showers this week, I wanted to document some of the amazing things happening around our yard.
The trees are finally leafing out...although this chokecherry will still turn a lovely purple later this summer.  I love the contrast with those dark clouds to the Northeast. 
Spring has been wet and cold, and so flowers are just starting to bloom although it is almost June.  This plant that the giant bumblebee loves is called catmint.  This plant is almost like a weed.  Catmint grows almost anywhere and produces amazing amounts of lovely purple flowers.  I whacked these down to the ground last fall, and split them, and you can see how big the plant is already.  If you rub the leaves, you'll get a lovely minty smell (hence the name, I suppose).  Bonus, it is also very drought tolerant (not that we're worried about that right now!)
I had to share this one...bumblebee amid flight!  I'm not sure how I caught this one with my slowpoke camera.  Happy chance.
Close up of catmint blooms.
My snow is summer is just starting to bloom, also.  In a week or two, the whole plant will be covered with these little white gems.
The "piece de resistance"...a killdeer nest made conveniently on the edge of our driveway.  It's hidden so well, we had to flag its location to remember not to drive on it.  Last year the killdeer also laid a nest in our yard, which was ruined by some hungry predator.  We're hoping for a better outcome this year. 

I'm so grateful for the beauty of the earth and that my family and I can enjoy it.  I hope you enjoyed this little tour around our little acre in Southern Idaho.  

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Hannah Stevenson said...

This tour was magical Chris! We are actually looking into moving to Idaho...Nampa or Boise to be exact. Where are you guys?

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