02 February 2010

Wedding Gift Idea

Last Friday we were invited to a wedding reception for a friend of our's.  It wasn't your typical reception.  The bride and groom are in their 40s, and the new bride has moved here to Idaho from New York.  Talk about culture shock!  The one thing they mentioned they could use are some new cooking recipes.  I figured I better help them with that.  A few years ago when my brother-in-law was married, we were pretty short on cash, and I made a recipe book with some of our favorites as a gift to them.  When I heard what this new couple needed, I dug out the file, updated and added some recent favorites.

I also changed the font to my new favorite Quicksand, and then printed out the recipes categorized by appetizers, breads, chicken, desserts etc.  I purchased simple binder at WalMart that had a clear cover, and put the recipes in clear paper protector sheets.  The best part of plastic paper protectors, you can spill on them and not ruin anything! 

I don't do a lot of paper crafts lately, but I do have a stash of simple papers that I used to make the cover.   I just made a title on the computer, cut it out and glued it on some pretty paper.  Insert, and presto, a personalized wedding gift that can be used for years, with room for new recipes to be added later. 

Names were removed to protect the innocent or cranky.

And, yes, Amanda, I made one for you too! 

Thank you so much for being a blog friend.

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2 happy thoughts:

Amanda said...

And by Amanda, did you mean me, Amanda???

I was looking through the post thinking how awesome this looked and that I wanted to make a copy, and then I saw my name and my heart skipped a beat! :)

Hope all is well! We should chat soon!

Unknown said...

My daughter's been doing this for years. It's her gift of choice for any bride.

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