09 December 2009

Decorating for Christmas

I wanted to share a little of our Christmas Traditions.  First thing up is our family Christmas tree.  It is covered with a variety of Christmas ornaments.  Many are from my growing up years, as my parents and grandparents would give each child an ornament each year.  The best part of that tradition is that when Mr. Pickup and I were married, we already had a box of ornaments for our first tree.  Since then, we have always done the same thing for each of our children.  I  made the tree skirt during college.
The "traditional" Christmas colors were getting scarce, and my mom and I stocked up to make this.  It was my first adventure into quilting.  I pull it out, and want to fix it up a little. 
These are two of the ornaments I've made for my son.  The Ragedy Andy was from his second Christmas, the snowman from when he was three.
This is what greets you when you come through our front door.  The little tree is our "Scripture Tree".  On a special family night, we will decorate the tree with ornaments that have different names for Jesus Christ and the scripture reference the name is used in.  It also is the special spot for my olive wood ornaments I found during my study abroad in Jerusalem.  On the table I set up my collection of Nativity sets.  My most prized is the hand-carved olive wood figurines of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. 
It was carved by a wonderful Christian Arab named George Lama who lived in Bethlehem.  The other sets have been gifts from friends and family, although the wood one my mom and I made several years ago. 
My Papa cut out the pieces, and we painted them based on a set we saw in a catalog.  It has even more significance for me this year.
This is my little bit of "Christmas Magic".  Several years ago, I fell in love with the idea of stacking ornaments in clear class vases from a Pottery Barn catalog.  I found all of these on clearance after Christmas sales...where I also always buy my wrapping paper!  The lights in the boughs twinkle.  Each glitters at a different rate and really looks like stars.  I can't find light strings like this anymore.   
This is a wall hanging I made the Christmas before we were married.  I loved that it had primary colors, and was focused on Christ. 

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our Christmas decorations. 

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