14 December 2009

Cheap Pillow Forms

Need a cheap pillowform or cheap fiber fill?  Buy the $2.50 pillows at Wal-Mart, cut to the size you  need, and sew closed!  I used two standard pillows to make 4 "lumbar" size pillows that will be filling my children's new reading pillows for Christmas.  I saved about $20 over buying ready made pillow forms, and they are just as fluffy and ready to go.  Before you cut your pillows, be sure to measure in several places.  For these, the edges were about 2 inches smaller than around the middle.  I marked each measurement with chalk, and then carefully cut through the fabric and fiber fill.  To sew closed, fold the fabric in about a 1/4", and then pin each side together carefully.  I also pinned a second row down to push the fiber fill away from the presser foot.  Sew with a zigzag or overlock stitch.

2 happy thoughts:

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

That is just what I'll do! What a great idea. My embroidery stuff always ends up being a weird, non standard size.

Donna Hulka said...

Thank you for posting this great tip! I'm planning to make a bunch of pillows to go along a long bench, and this will be a real money saver. Plus, it will be more visually interesting to have a variety of sizes and shapes, which will be easy to do this way.

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