12 November 2009

PODs for a Good Cause

I made two POD Swaddlers for my friend Marianne's continuing efforts to raise enough money for her adoption of sweet Lola from China. Thank you, Hannah, for allowing me to do so. The "boy" POD is from a Joel Dewberry stripy print, the "girl" a sweet pink and ivory print I found at WalMart a while back. The feedback I've gotten back about these swaddling blankets has been extremely positive. Everyone has loved them.  I hope these keep some sweet babes happy, and that little Lola is safe at home very soon. And if you have a new baby coming into your life, consider buying Hannah's pattern.  It's been worth every penny!

1 happy thoughts:

Hannah Stevenson said...

These turned out great! I'm sorry I never got back to you on tags...hope the sale went well!

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