13 October 2009

Fall Decorating

These are the days when I wish I had a better camera. Despite my poor photos, I was so excited about how my fall decorating turned out today, I had to show it all off. I am not big into Halloween, and so most of my decor is more harvest and fall related. This year we had a bumper crop of tiny pumpkins, and so that became the theme for the rest of my decorating. I also finally got out some of my treasures from my past life when I was able to travel. We put in new IKEA bookshelves into the office last spring, and I finally got the decorative shelves filled today. So much for reading my homework!
This is the table you see as you enter our home.  The wall is more of an apple green in real life.  The sampler and little quilt were gifts from my mother at different times in my life.  She has taught me a lot over the years. 
This is how I arranged the top of our entertainment armoire.  I love to use books as part of my decorating.  There are a few little haunted somethings in with the hydrangeas.  The little white alabaster vase is from Egypt. 

Put together, this is my corner bookshelf.  On the top are blue ware from my great-grandmother, Armenian pottery and glass vase from Jerusalem, and a little pewter vase my dad brought me from Kuala Lumpor.  The tall bowl came from my brother's visit to South Africa.  The smaller wooden bowl is from my grandparent's visit to Alaska one year.  Featured behind the bowls are two of my favorite picture books, The Homeplace and All the Places to Love.  The lower shelves are for my baby to play with and pull apart when I am doing homework, sewing, or blogging.
Hope you enjoyed a peek into our home.  My older children will be thrilled to come home from school to the house finally decorated! 

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