30 September 2009

New Fun for Me

Alright. I don't often splurge on myself. However, when I find a deal like this, I have to jump on it. Have you ever noticed that Lowes has awesome clearance items? I have found some amazing things for really cheap. The latest is this:

I needed a new iron in the worst way. My old one quit holding any water, and would splutter and spill if I added any. So, no steaming possible. It also didn't get as hot as some cotton fabrics needed. It was on it's last leg, and I was just waiting until I could afford a new one. This super cool Rowenta iron was on clearance for $28.44, discounted from the original price of $89.99. I couldn't pass us such a deal! Today is our anniversary, so here is my practical gift...my new Rowenta iron! (We are going to do something fun this weekend, don't worry!)

2 happy thoughts:

Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

I've given you an award on my blog!

Kristin ~The Romance Chick said...

What a great deal on the iron!! I never think to look at clearance at Kohl's. I will now!

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