02 July 2009

Ice Cream Adventure

So, child #1 has been begging to make homemade ice cream since his 2nd grade class made a batch last spring. Today was his day! The recipe he brought home from school was super easy, and it turned out great. No cooking required. Here is the recipe if you want to try it:

1 can evaporated milk
2 c. sugar
3 c. milk
1 large box of instant pudding, pick your flavor
3 c. cream

Freeze the can of milk in a separate bowl until it is slushy. While this is happening, dissolve the sugar into the milk. (Whisking worked great, and #1 was all over being the mixer!) Add the slushy canned milk, pudding, and cream and mix all together. Pour into ice cream freezer and follow your freezer's directions.

We have one of those old fashioned freezers that uses ice and salt. I froze (over the last 24 hours) 12 trays of ice and used about 2 cups of water softener salt. I had child #1 put the ice cubes into a pillow case and whack it against the concrete floor in the garage to make "crushed" ice. He thought that was a lot of fun. We layered the ice and salt about 3 times, and had to add one more layer before freezing was finished.

We made our ice cream "cookies and cream" flavor by adding broken chocolate sandwich cookies when the ice cream was at the soft freeze stage. I just stirred it in with a large spatula, and then put the container back into our regular freezer to harden. Yummy on a hot summer day!
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Anonymous said...

Thankm you for sharing this! I just bought an ice cream maker and am dieing to try new recipes in it that don't take 100 different ingredients.
Also, I found your blog from a comment about Sewing 101 on Grosgrain. I'm a beginning seamstress and am trying to figure out how shirring works. Any words of advice or a good tutorial that you know of? I have no clue how to do it, but it seems so simple!
Thanks and thanks!
(me email address is erikandaurora@wavecable.com :))

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