01 July 2009

Here we go!

I have been perusing some wonderful ladies' blogs on their creations, and realized that having a public way to share what I do would help me to stay motivated to make or do the creative things that have been buzzing in my brain. I am a crazy-busy wife and mother of four, who is also a doctoral student and part-time audiologist. I have been doing the work and school thing forever, and usually my creativity has been limited to just the necessities. However, I have a break from school this month, and am ready to unleash my creativity once again. This journal is my online push to help me get done what I've wanted to do in my heart of hearts.

I love to draw, paint, embroider, sew, scrapbook, and do some major home building on the side. I want to cultivate this side of my personality for my own benefit, and for the benefit of my children.

Recently, an article in the Ensign magazine caught my attention. Elder Callister of the 70 taught: "If we could part the veil and observe our heavenly home, we would be impressed with the cultivated minds and hearts of those who so happily live there. I imagine that our heavenly parents are exquisitely refined. In this great gospel of emulation, one of the purposes of our earthly probation is to become like them in every conceivable way so that we may be comfortable in the presence of heavenly parentage and, in the language of Enos, see their faces “with pleasure” (Enos 1:27)....The nearer we get to God, the more easily our spirits are touched by refined and beautiful things."

It is my desire to bring more beautiful things to my family and help them learn how to express their creativity in the process.

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dana said...

congrast on starting your blog! That's very exciting! I hope you enjoy the outlet and the fun projects. I want some homemade ice cream right now :)

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