01 July 2009


So, I thought I had better list the things I'd like to get done in July.

* Have a project for my kiddos to accomplish each day. It wasn't every day... but close.
* Faux painting in my bathroom, laundry room, and possibly my green family room wall. Postponed until some future plans decided.
* Repurpose old blouses for #2 for school. DONE!!!
* Make #4 a new summer dress that matches cute leggings I found for her. DONE!!
* Scrapbook the rest of 2008, start baby book for #4. Still haven't started...darn it! But, I did find a way to have our family blog published like a scrapbook. See THE CUTEST BLOG ON THE BLOCK for details.
* Start planning/sewing for Christmas 2009. In Progress
* Finish headbands begun for #4 (poor thing has not much hair still!) Gave up... she won't keep them on!
* Keep a schedule for when chores around the house need to be accomplished. Tried a new system...no go. Any ideas out there in blog world?

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