10 April 2013

Easter, and I'm feeling like the bionic woman.

Hi there.

Here are my kids on Easter Sunday.

I took the half-homemade route and made the skirts for the girls, the tops are from Crazy 8 that I purchased on clearance.  The skirts were made following the Music Class Skirt pattern from Oliver + S.  The denim is Kauffman from fabric.com.  I didn't get these made until the night before Easter...our washing machine had been broken for almost 2 weeks, and I didn't get the fabric prewashed until that day!  Here's a close up of the skirt.  I loved the pocket detail and pleats on the side.

We had our own simple family celebrations this year, including some dyed eggs, and family egg hunt on Saturday.

That weekend was so warm, we let our little flock get some sunlight.  Did I mention we bought 11 pullets?

Sunday focused on the reason for the season, and included a special dinner after we attended church.  I find myself even more grateful for the resurrection, especially when I now have a chronic health condition.

As far as my health and family life goes, it's been hard to find my groove, but I'm still sewing away when I get a chance.  It's been just over two weeks since I was fit with my insulin pump, and three weeks since I started using my continuous glucose monitor.

These are my new toys.  Meet the Dexcom, and Tandem t:slim.  (Plus my cute meter...she couldn't be left out!)  The dex takes a measurement of my glucose levels through a sensor and transmitter, and sends the results to the monitor.  (It says 101 there!)  The pump sends me small pulses of insulin throughout the day, with the amounts differing depending on the time of day.  I can also tell it what I'm eating, and it figures out what I need each meal based on what we set up in the fitting.  I'm still tweaking settings, and still deciding if I really like the Dexcom.  Here's a photo of the sensor/transmitter in my arm:

(Yes, that's me with no make up after just finishing a Zumba workout!)
For a woman who hates IVs, and didn't have an epidural with any of her kids, all these things stuck in me have been a big adjustment.  I really like my pump especially, and have been feeling much better since I started on it.  Bionic woman, here I come.

How are things for you?  Did you enjoy spring break?

I have some fun things I've been finishing up, and will actually try to post with a little more frequency.  Just because they are so cute, here's another photo of our chickies.

p.s.  I received a tablet as a gift on Valentines, and can actually play with instagram now!  You can find me @somecreativity.

11 happy thoughts:

Amy @ The Happy Scraps said...

So fun to read about your Easter. I'm sorry you are having to deal with the health issues that you are, that doesn't sound fun at all. I was excited to see that you are on instagram, I just found and followed you. :)

Cerise Wade said...

Love those skirts so cute.
Sorry about all the adjustments you've had to make. I hope it gets easier for you.
LOVE the little chickies. I know so many people that have gotten or will be getting some this year. My father in law has a little flock so I like to live vicariously through him :o) So cute.

Impera_Magna said...

I love that skirt pattern... would you mind sharing the pattern brand and number? Pretty please?

The folks I know who have insulin pumps say it makes a big difference altho you have to get used to it. I'm glad you're feeling better already!

Baby chicks? Ooooo ... too cute!

ThriftyBitch said...

I love reading your blog, and feel a little bad about grumbling about the Flu now.. seeing as you're doing zumba classes whilst still getting used to your insulin pump! Superwoman..

That skirt is super cute too. I am not on speaking terms with my sewing machine right now.. but you may inspire me to try making peace again soon.. Good luck with your insulin! Look forward to reading more! :)

Love from across the pond.. X x

Michele Pacey said...

Hey Chris! Great to hear that things are getting there with all the bionic equipment. What a challenge for you. But I just know you're on your way to figuring it all out.

Adorable, that little skirt!

Take care eh?

Stephanie said...

Glad to see your embrasing the technology. You look beautiful without make up! Ha and after youve worked out...please! I would give anything to look so good. The kids are so cute, love how they posed for the pictuure. The chicks are adorable, they are going to be a fun addition to your family. Speaking of addition to family, Shannon is having another boy! I've always wanted boys after raising 3 girls. So woohoo!

freckled laundry said...

Those little skirts are darling...as are the little ones wearing them. I feel like I've watched them grow up! I can't believe it's been nearly three years of blogging. I love your chickies! I want chickens so badly and I've considered a small coop out back. I live in a neighborhood on less than an acre, so I'm not sure how well that would go over. ;) I did call the town hall and they said there are no ordinances preventing it though. So, I may just turn to you for advice someday! I'm so awed by your bionic woman-ness. (I'm named after her, BTW.) I can only imagine how challenging and worrisome this has been for you!...such amazing technology for that disease. Happy you're feeling better on it! Lord knows you've worked your bottom off from Day 1. I've never seen the sensor on the arm like that. I pray that you get used to all of your little gadgets soon.

Melissa said...

Great little skirts - I was looking at a pants pattern at Oliver+S.

You look great!! The Zumba WO gives you a lovely glow.

I can stand more cute pictures of the chicks - so sweet (they get kind of ugly fast - and then they turn into lovely hens - but chickens definitely have an awkward stage).

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

So grateful for modern medicine and the ability they give to give better health. Here's hoping the routine gets easier.

Tia said...

I have to tell u this!!! Ok I just started wearing the dexcom. And I googled feel like the bionic woman and ur pic was the first thing to come up!! Haha! I also wear the pump so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed also!!! Trying to be positive about it but not feeling very pretty these days.....

Tia said...

I just have to tell u this! I googled feel like the bionic woman and ur pic was the first thing to show up! It's crazy Bc I just started the dexcom this week and I sai the same exact thig!! I also wear a pump. Trying to be positive, and j know its better for my sugars but its kinda overwhelming!! Not feeling so pretty these days......

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