17 July 2012

Sweet Reward

We're finally getting settled.  It's going to take a while to sift through the boxes, some of which haven't been touched since we moved last summer.  

In the meantime, I wanted to share the sweet reward our children received last week.  
Meet Mack and Buddy.
Some friends of ours had a litter of 8 lab mix pups, about 8 weeks ago.  We'd promised our kids we'd get a new dog when our house was finished...and the timing couldn't have been better.  Last Monday, the older kids came home to TWO puppies.

This is Mack.  He's the smaller of the two.  He's also more aggressive and playful.

Here's Buddy.  He's Big Brother's pal.  He's mild mannered, and chunky.

After the initial excitement, the kids went to work building a kennel for their dogs.  Mr. Pickup supervised and helped out as needed.  You've seen several really cool wood pallet projects around crafty blogs, but I think this red-neck kennel beats them all.

These are pretty deluxe accommodations, don't you think?  It works perfectly for now.  Once the pups are older, we'll move them into a larger dog house, much further away from the house.  :)

It's been a fun thing for our kids to have dogs again.

Now that we're in our home, I'm itching to do some sewing.  Hopefully I can wade through our boxes fairly quickly and get a temporary sewing space set up soon.  

How is your summer coming?

8 happy thoughts:

Melissa said...

Oh sweetness - puppies are so sweet - what fun for your kids - great job on the kennel!!

Unknown said...

These little babies are so so adorable. Lucky children you have there.


Unknown said...

They are SO adorable! There's nothing cuter than puppies!

Unknown said...

Aw. Lucky kids {and they totally deserve it}! Cute pups! I hope you get the sweet reward of a sewing space soon!

Unknown said...

Labs are just the sweetest/most fun dogs. My husband is itching to get a dog, but I'm not ready to deal with two kids not fully toilet trained and a dog as well. Maybe in a year or two.

Good luck getting your sewing space together!

Tiffany said...

Awwww. So excited for you. I was waiting after your last post wondering if everything went well. Its been a long time coming, very exciting a new home that you built! Congratulations!

Tasha said...

My boys happened to walk up and see these dogs. Their reaction was "Owww...who got those cute dogs?" How fun for your kids and how awesome they built the home for them. Yay for all your hard work!! You are just amazing.

Heidi Wilcox said...

Those sweet kids did an amazing job putting that kennel together! What a great reward for them!!!

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