07 June 2012

Why we dug up our backyard.

Septic system.  Not necessarily discussed everyday, but if you live in the country, it's an important part of life.  As my kids like to remind me, everybody poops.  So, we had to have a place for it to go.

Our house drainage system is a bit complicated.
There are two sewer drains that run out from two different places from the house, which then get to run into two septic tanks...thank you Cassia County.  The only "fun" part?  Renting the excavator.

Here you can see the smaller trenches running into where the two septic tanks would be placed.

The ground in the "pit" had to be completely level, and then the spot for the second tank had to be exactly 4.25" from the first.  We were able to use a laser level to help us be that accurate.  It felt a bit like being in a tomb down there as we were working!

You can see the two trenches running toward the tank area better in this photo.

It was nice to take a break and watch the tanks be delivered and carefully installed.

Each tank weighs 8000 pounds.

Carefully guiding the tank into place.

Here is the second tank, just below the first.

Once the tanks were in place, we had to dig the drainfield.  This consists of 6 feet wide 5 feet deep trenches that will be filled with perforated pipe and gravel.  We had to have a total drainfield of 150 feet.

We used the laser level to help us keep a consistent grade.

The drainfield will be in a big portion of our backyard.  I hope it helps the lawn grow!  :)

The kids have had fun playing in the trenches, and even got to use the equipment a bit.  Once we complete the septic system, we'll be able to have the concrete poured, and get the remaining outside work finished up.  Hooray for progress!

6 happy thoughts:

Melissa said...

Almost completely liveable!! Yeah!!

Impera_Magna said...

While septic systems are all that exciting, they are very necessary.... and you're another step closer to moving in to your new home!

I think it's great your kids are learning a lot of very interesting things with this family project...

Michele Pacey said...

Yay for the septic system! (I don't think I've ever said that before...) ...

You're really getting there aren't ya?

Stephanie said...

You gotta have somewhere for it to go right? We call it a leach field where you called it a drain field. I know how complicated putting in a septic system is, perc tests and distance from the house blah blah it's a pain to get through the process but it's one step closer to using those bathrooms!

Heidi Wilcox said...

I love your positive take on this, even though it's not all that happy of a subject! Yay for progress!!!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

It's so frightening to see a yard ripped apart like that, yet so amazing that it's going to look completely different and practically perfect in a very short period of time. House building (and everything that goes along with it) is incredible.

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