02 June 2012

Siding makes such a difference!

I'm sure you may not be as bothered as I was, but Mr. Pickup and I were ready to hide that house wrap and get the siding up.  Although vinyl siding was what fit our budget, I wanted to do something that would make our house stand out.  My inspiration came from our last house in Boise, and from lots of ideas I'd pinned on pinterest.  

Plus, we finally got the garage door installed!  Isn't it fabulous???
Installing siding is fairly straight forward.  You put up your corner pieces, and steel starter strip.

Then you cut pieces to length, slip them into place, and lock with the previous row, then fasten.

When we ordered the siding, the vinyl supply guys kept saying, "That's a special order item.  No one uses that around here."  Precisely.  I wanted wide trim around the windows.  Doesn't it set them off nicely?

Then there are the "handsplit shakes".  They were so much more difficult than regular siding to install, but aren't they lovely?

I heard quite a bit of grumbling about how hard they were to work with.  I only feel a little bit sorry, because I love them.

It made such a difference on how the house looks!

Here's the final result with the garage door in place.  Now we just need to install the lights.

Yes, the porch still needs siding, but the concrete needs to be poured first.  I can't wait to see it...we're using board and batten along the flat part of the porch.  

Just for a reference, here's our former house in Boise, right after we moved in. 

Similar, but different.  I am really happy with our new home.  

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Melissa said...

You are right about the shakes-takes it to a new level.

Impera_Magna said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You are getting there... yes indeedy!

Of course the shakes are more time consuming than the siding.... but look what it adds to your house!

I had to laff at the vinyl supply guys saying about "no one uses this around here"... too funny!

Love the wide trim around the windows... makes a ton o' difference!


Michele Pacey said...

Oo, that's so pretty! I agree about the wide window trim and shakes. Who wants a house that's like everyone else's? I think you have to inject yourself into it and make it your own, and these little touches do just that. How exciting Chris!

Love the board and batten on the Boise house. Can't wait to see it here!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Looks great Chris. Love those shakes too, really adds so much. It looks like you have had clear skies. Beautiful home.

Stephanie said...

Ooh la la your getting all fancy in the neighborhood. Great choices you've made. I love the siding, and vinyl is easier to maintain anyway, smart move. Love the shingles, they just add such a nice touch. Looking good!

Tiffany said...

I still love that red door on your old house. The contrast on the siding and shakes is very nice. I see a color contratst on your old home too. Cant wait to see this board and batten.

Ashleigh said...

You're right! Siding does make a wonderful, amazing difference! I've always loved houses with siding! Every time I see your progress, I just keep thinking how much satisfaction you must have as you put all of this work into your lovely home. It must be so rewarding to build your own home! Kudos! You are doing an amazing job!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love the siding colors, Chris. The shakes look fantastic. A perfect touch and something different. Great choices!

Galliena said...

Your house is sure is beautiful, Chris. Everything was placed perfectly, particularly those shakes. The arrangement does give your house a unique and rustic feel. I can’t wait to see how the house will look like after the finishing touches are done.

Galliena Gornet

Heidi Wilcox said...

I'm loving how your home is coming along! And you have worked hard enough that you deserve to have what you want, especially if it's "hopefully" your last house!!! :)

Jessica said...

looking great! So much work but how fun to get what you want!

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